About Us | Francor Transport Services

Mission Statement:

Francor Transport Services Pty Ltd offers an essential transport service to the agricultural and mining industries. The company is committed to the achievement of sustainable growth, through the provision of efficient service. Francor Transport Services Pty Ltd is furthermore committed to the wellbeing and development of staff, with the vision of constant movement towards excellence.

Mission Objectives:

  • To maintain a fleet, as a revenue producing asset.
  • Striving towards marketing strategies which ensure support and loyalty to existing clients and provide progressive market share increase.
  • To ensure that our most valuable intangible assets are commitment, skills, dedication, honesty and loyalty, while balancing remuneration with the net worth of our staff.
  • Continuously striving to improve the company through improved technology and training as the competitive business environment changes.
  • Maintain the highest level of integrity, professionalism and ethical standards in dealing with our clients.
  • To be the most efficient and cost effective transport in Southern Africa


Company Motto:

Moving towards Excellence - is a collection of attributes, which is applied in all spheres of the company’s involvement, namely:

  • Performance in relation to customer needs.
  • Performance in relation to staff expectations.
  • Performance in relation to shareholder’s return on investment.
  • Performance in contributing to the wellbeing and development of our society.
  • Performance in maintaining sound relations with suppliers and financiers.

HR Policy Statement:

Francor Transport Services is dedicated to serving its customers and value the care and growth of its employees. The company’s competitive nature is enhanced by the competence, creativity and initiative of employees. To achieve this, the company will ensure the following:

  • A safe, healthy, working environment.
  • Management at all levels will be held accountable for the growth and effectiveness of their people.
  • Development of people will be accelerated to enhance the skills of employees and to ensure ongoing business success.
  • Good performances will be recognized and rewarded where necessary and poor performance will be sanctioned.
  • Effective communication practiced throughout the organization.